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Want to boost your driving experience from average to extraordinary? Check out Honaty.com! Get custom car seat pillows, personalized trash cans, and new interior dust sweeping brushes. Honaty Reviews has all the information you need to find the fitting carbon grip pro or specific knob pullover to enhance your driving style. Visit Honaty Reviews for the best place to learn about new products.

Honaty Reviews

At Honaty.com, they sell various car upgrades to improve your driving experience. They offer everything from custom car seat pillows and personalized trash cans to car interior dust sweeping brushes and multicolored custom car internal mood discs. 

Their product line also features the carbon grip pro, the creative knob pullover, the customized car fresheners, the anti-shock shields for cars, and the wiper hole protection. For assistance, contact honaty@gmail.com, visit 151 O’Connor Street, Ground floor, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2L8, Canada, or call 1-613-241-2828.

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  • Missing Owner Information: The absence of owner information reduces its reliability and trustworthiness. It’s crucial to be careful when using websites that don’t provide precise details about their owners, as it affects the platform’s dependability.
  • Invalid Contact Number: It is advised to exercise caution while using this website as their listed contact number may not be functional, which could raise questions about its legitimacy. The number has been copied from fraudulent websites. Stay alert while navigating online platforms for a secure experience.
  • Unreal Physical Address: The address at 151 O’Connor Street, Ground floor Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2L8 Canada, appears invalid. This can raise concerns, and customers should exercise carefulness when making decisions based on such information. An inaccurate physical address can make it difficult to contact the company and may indicate a potential risk with the website.
  • Replicated Content: They have copied content from other sources, indicating a lack of originality and authenticity. Be cautious before placing orders on the website, as its reliability may be questionable.
  • Little Product Display: Be careful when shopping on websites with limited product offerings, as it can be a red flag that the site may not be trustworthy. Honaty.com only shows a few products, which can make people question its legitimacy.
  • No Social Media Presence: Their absence from social media is problematic. Brands need social networks to engage with customers, promote their products, and build trust. Without any social media presence, customers may doubt the website’s credibility. A lack of engagement on social media may suggest a lack of online credibility, and carefulness is advised.
  • Very Low Trust Score: This website has a trust score of only 2%, according to Scamdoc. The website is not trustworthy and carries a high risk. Please be careful before making any purchases.
  • Genuine Email Address: The email address they provided (contact.honaty@gmail.com) may seem genuine, but customers should still be cautious when purchasing. Other warning signs indicate that the company may not be trustworthy, so remaining vigilant and taking precautions is crucial.
  • Detail About the Domain: This website was recently created on June 4, 2023, and will expire on June 4, 2024. Customers should use the website with caution due to its short lifespan.
Honaty Reviews

Examining and evaluating reviews is important to ensure customer trust and protect them from potential scams. Honaty.com utilizes an internal review system that may manipulate customers into purchasing by providing biased feedback.

The website has a poor rating of only 2.5 stars on the well-known review site Trustpilot, based on 12 reviews that mostly complain about not receiving products. Four more negative reviews on Scamadvisor support the idea that the website is untrustworthy. If you’re considering buying from this site, be careful, as many negative comments on various platforms indicate potential risks.


  • The SSL certificate is valid.
  • This website has a working email address.


  • Website registration is recent.
  • This website has poor Scamdoc trust.
  • This website lacks social media.
  • This website shows a few products.
  • Fake phone number and address on this website.

In summary, Honaty.com raises concerns regarding its legitimacy and reliability. The absence of crucial information such as an owner’s name, a functioning phone number, a physical address, and original content diminishes the website’s credibility. The limited product offerings, lack of activity on social media, and the low trust score further contribute to the site being viewed with suspicion. The internal review system and negative external reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Scamadvisor emphasize the importance of caution. The multiple warning signs and potential risks associated with it highlight the need for individuals planning to purchase to exercise extreme carefulness.

Is it a trustworthy website?

The website seems suspicious, with a fake address, no owner info, and duplicated content.

Are the provided contact details reliable?

The contact number (1-613-241-2828) and physical address at 151 O’Connor Street, Ground floor Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2L8 Canada seem questionable.

Is the website’s email address genuine?

contact.honaty@gmail.com seems valid, but the website looks unreliable.

What does the domain registration reveal about the website?

Its domain was registered on June 4, 2023, and it will expire on June 4, 2024, posing some risks due to its short lifespan.

Does the website have a significant social media presence?

Being absent from social media can be concerning as it’s crucial to interact with customers and advertise your brand.

What is the overall customer feedback on the website?

Undelivered orders have led customers on Trustpilot and Scamadvisor to provide primarily negative feedback, resulting in Scamdoc assigning a low 2% trust score.

Honaty Reviews

Protecting yourself from fraudulent websites is crucial in the age of online scams. For a safer online shopping experience, follow these straightforward guidelines.

  • Verify Website Information: Choose transparent websites with complete owner details and an authentic address. Be cautious of sites lacking these details.
  • Check Contact Information: Check contact info for accuracy to ensure direct communication.
  • Scrutinize Customer Reviews: Check trusted review sites to verify a website’s legitimacy. Internal reviews may be biased.
  • Assess Social Media Presence: Trustworthy businesses have social media accounts. No social media presence may mean a lack of credibility.
  • Check Domain Registration Details: Use WHOIS to check website domain registration. Beware of short-lived domains.
  • Verify Trust Scores: Check Scamdoc for a website’s trust score before transactions, especially for low scores.

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