Olgora Clothing Reviews – Is It The Best Place To Buy Fashionable Clothes Or Another Scam?

Do you need help deciding whether to shop at Olgora Clothing? Olgora.com has a great selection of women’s clothing that fits any style. Are their dresses, tops, and t-shirts stylish and sophisticated? Will their outerwear and long-sleeved shirts keep you warm and fashionable during the winter? Can you wear their camis, casual dresses, jackets, and hoodies comfortably every day? Read the Olgora Clothing Reviews to discover which clothes are perfect for your style during spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Olgora Clothing Reviews

About Olgora Clothing

Olgora.com started as a clothing maker and supplier for famous names in the fashion industry. For the past decade, they have been dressing fashionable women, and their journey began with the goal of creating something fresh. They sell stylish and top-notch clothes at reasonable prices, cutting out the middlemen and dealing directly with customers. Whenever Olgora collaborates with individual designers, she discovers new talents.

They, as a company that values ethics and the environment, advocate for fair pay and treatment of their workers. They are a socially responsible brand that donates a portion of its yearly profits to charities working to end poverty worldwide.

Their new warehouse in the US creates more jobs in the area and speeds up shipping for their US customers. Explore their unique products at Olgora.com and contact them at service@olgora.com.

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Products of Olgora Clothing

  • Tops
  • Tees
  • Blouses
  • Outwear
  • Long Sleeve Tops
  • Sweatshirts & Hoodies
  • Casual Dresses
  • Long Sleeve Dresses
  • Sweater Dresses
  • Mini Dresses
  • Midi Dresses
  • Maxi Dresses
Olgora Clothing Reviews

Is Olgora Clothing A Legit Website Or Scam?

  • Missing Owner Information: Olgora.com’s missing owner information raises concerns about its trustworthiness online. Legitimate websites provide comprehensive owner information for transparency and trustworthiness. This is a major warning sign that urges caution when considering connecting with the site.
  • No Contact Number: Olgora.com missing a phone number in its basic info is a warning. Trustworthy websites usually provide one for easy contact. Be cautious before relying on it.
  • No Physical Address Given: A website’s physical address is important for building customer trust. Without it, the lack of transparency could be seen as a red flag and may indicate that the person is untrustworthy.
  • Appearance on Social Media: It has a strong social media presence with regular posts, 17,000 likes, and 18,000 friends on Facebook. They also have a decent online presence on Instagram (1067 users and 57 posts). This suggests trustworthiness, but it’s wise to carefully consider before purchasing.
  • Fair Trust Score: Olgora.com has a trust score of 80/100 on Scam Advisor, indicating that the website is somewhat trustworthy. However, it’s best to remain cautious and watch out for any warning signs when purchasing.
  • Authentic Email Address: Olgora.com uses a standard business email format for their email address, service@olgora.com, which includes their company name, making them seem trustworthy. But remember to be careful and look for any red flags before purchasing.
  • Domain Registration Information: The domain name was created on August 12, 2021, and will expire on August 12, 2024. Remember this when checking out the website. Knowing that it was updated on May 15, 2023, means that it is still up and running. While it may not be a pressing concern, it’s always a good idea to research before proceeding.

Olgora Clothing Reviews By Customers

Reading Olgora Clothing reviews is crucial as they assist people in avoiding scams and making informed decisions when purchasing items. We examined Olgora.com’s internal product review system and found that it appears to primarily serve the purpose of persuading individuals to buy from them. However, this approach raises concerns as it may not provide an impartial perspective.

We checked out customer reviews on Trustpilot for Olgora Clothing Reviews. Trustpilot had 555 reviews for the brand, and the average rating was 4 stars. Although there were many positive reviews, some negative ones mentioned issues with shipping. This mix of Reviews creates a moderate level of trust, so potential buyers need to consider both positive and negative aspects before deciding.

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  • There is a good SSL certificate.
  • This website domain registration is very old.
  • This website has a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram.
  • This website has a fair trust score on Scamadvisor.


  • This website doesn’t have simple contact information.
  • An internal review method is used on this website.
  • This website has mixed Olgora Clothing Reviews.
Olgora Clothing Reviews

The Bottom Line

Overall, Olgora.com is trustworthy based on its fair trust score on Scam Advisor and its presence on social media. However, it raises some concerns by not providing important owner information like a phone number or actual address.

Be cautious when purchasing from Olgora.com, as the name is new and has an internal review system designed to attract customers. While Trustpilot reviews are mostly positive, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the shipping process. Before deciding, it’s important to consider both the benefits and drawbacks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Olgora.com a reliable online clothing store?

Olgora.com has a strong social media presence but lacks crucial owner information and a contact number.

Are there any red flags to consider before shopping at Olgora.com?

Missing owner information, no contact number, and no physical address can concern potential customers.

How trustworthy is Olgora.com’s domain registration information?

Olgora.com registered its domain in August 2021, which means it is not a new website. It’s worth noting that the domain will expire in August 2024, but its active status is indicated by the most recent update in May 2023.

Does Olgora.com have a strong presence on social media?

Olgora.com has a robust social media following, including 17k Facebook likes, 18k followers, and an active Instagram with 1k followers and 57 posts.

What is Olgora.com’s trust score on Scam Advisor?

Olgora.com has earned a trust score of 80 out of 100 from Scam Advisor, indicating a reasonable level of reliability.

What are the customer reviews on Olgora.com like?

Olgora.com has received mixed Olgora Clothing Reviews, with positive and negative experiences. While some customers have reported good experiences, others raised concerns about shipping issues. It’s crucial to consider both aspects before making a purchase decision.

Advice On Avoiding These Fraudulent Websites

When you shop online, it’s important to be careful and stay alert so you don’t fall victim to scam websites. The internet has both good and bad platforms, so it’s crucial to stay informed. Follow these six essential guidelines when you navigate the online shopping world.

  • Conduct Thorough Research: Research before shopping online. Check for owner details, contact numbers, and physical addresses on the website. Be cautious if any of this information is missing.
  • Inspect Domain Information: Check domain registration details. Established domains are safer than new or hastily created ones.
  • Evaluate Social Media Presence: Check social media activity. A strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can have a significant impact on your success. Be wary of sites with no or little social media connections.
  • Read Customer Reviews: Check customer reviews to understand the website’s reputation. Look for recurring issues, especially with shipping and customer service.
  • Utilize Scam-Checking Tools: Check the trustworthiness of a website on Scam Advisor, which provides a trust score and red flags/warnings.
  • Prioritize Secure Payment Methods: Use secure payment methods like credit cards or established payment gateways and avoid unconventional payment options or giving out sensitive personal information.

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