Dapemo Reviews – Is It a Legit Clothing Store or Waste of Money?

Dapemo Reviews – Are you looking for cool and comfy T-shirts? Look no further than Dapemo.com! This online store offers many stylish items for both men and women. Whether you’re a baseball or softball fan searching for the perfect Vintage Ball Mom Leopard Women Gift T-Shirt or a proud Bull Mastiff owner looking for the best Animal Dog Bull Mastiff Shirt, Dapemo has you covered! 

They offer various sweatshirts, from stylish Women’s V-neck T-shirts to snug Custom Hoodies. Plus, they have a range of Unisex Standard T-shirts and Women’s Soft Style Fitted T-shirts that are on-trend. Check out Dapemo.com today!

Dapemo Reviews

Dapemo.com is the best online store for a huge selection of T-shirts for both men and women. They have various collections, including the Baseball Softball Shirt Vintage Ball Mom Leopard Women Gift T-Shirt and the Graphic Official Hoodie Sweatshirt. 

In addition to clothing, Dapemo.com features a carefully curated collection of handmade clay cups by trained artists. These high-quality cups have unique designs and are stable. Their customer service team offers low prices without compromising style and is always ready to help you. Contact them at cs@dapemo.com or +1 (650) 410-7920. Dapemo.com is located at 459 O’Connor St, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.
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  • Not Given Owner Information: The missing owner information raises transparency problems and decreases its credibility. Providing this information is important for building trust and confidence in the shopping experience. Without it, customers may hesitate to make purchases, highlighting the importance of honesty for businesses.
  • Copied Contact Number: The phone number +1 (650) 410-7920 on the website may be fake as it was copied from a scam website. This can make it difficult for customers to trust the website. Having a unique, actual phone number is important for gaining customer trust. It’s important to be careful when making purchases on this website.
  • Actual Physical Location: Customers can trust them as they have an exact address at 459 O’Connor St, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. This builds trust and makes it easy for customers to reach out. However, it’s important to do research before making a purchase.
  • Plagiarized Content: Beware of scam websites that copy content from other sources to appear trustworthy. Copied content is a red flag, indicating that the website is unreliable. Be careful while making purchases on such sites to avoid being scammed.
  • Unrealistic Prices: They advertise lower prices than they charge, raising concerns about the quality of their products. We strongly advise carefully considering purchases and thoroughly researching the site before transactions.
  • No Presence on Social Media: The absence of social media raises doubts about the legitimacy of the business. Genuine businesses engage with customers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility and expand. Customers should view the lack of social media activity as an indication of the website’s trustworthiness before purchasing.
  • Very Low Trust Score: Dapemo.com has a trust score of only 5% on Scamdoc, indicating that the website may not be reliable. Customers should exercise caution before engaging in any transactions.
  • Authentic Email ID: The website lists a legitimate email address, cs@dapemo.com, that follows a standard business format. However, customers should carefully and thoroughly review before purchasing due to previously identified issues.
  • Details about the domain: Dapemo.com is a new website registered on March 14, 2023. However, its short lifespan – the part will expire on March 14, 2024 – raises questions about its reliability. Customers should be cautious when using the website.
Dapemo Reviews

A company’s reputation and ability to earn customers’ trust depend on how well it pays attention to reviews. Using an internal review system on their website, as Dapemo.com does, can cause concern because it may be used to manipulate how customers perceive the company instead of providing honest feedback. Customers must be careful since this practice doubts the website’s dependability.

Trustworthy sites like Trustpilot and ScamAdvisor have no Dapemo Reviews, causing concern that the website may not be legitimate. Customers should exercise caution when purchasing on Dapemo.com, as the lack of reviews from external sources could impact their overall shopping experience.


  • We found an SSL certificate that works.
  • This website has an actual email address.
  • This website’s address is real.


  • This website was just registered.
  • Scamdoc gives this website a low trust rating.
  • This website has an internal review system.
  • This website copied the contact information from another website.
  • This website has no social media presence.

Be careful when purchasing items from there, as some warning signs suggest the website may not be trustworthy. These include a lack of information about the owner, a potentially fake contact number, a short domain life, and the use of copied material. The low prices and absence of a social media presence are also concerning.

Scamdoc also gives Dapemo.com a very low trust score. It is highly recommended that customers do thorough research and pay close attention to these warning signs before making any purchases, despite the website providing an actual email and physical address.

Is it a trustworthy online store?

The website appears suspicious, with missing owner information, a doubtful contact number, and a low trust score of 5% on Scamdoc.

Are the prices on this website realistic?

The website’s pricing strategy is risky, as scammers use low prices to lure customers, potentially compromising product quality.

Do they have a social media presence?

Businesses should utilize social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to engage with their customers.

Is the provided contact number on the website reliable?

+1(650) 410-7920 phone number is suspicious and may reduce the website’s authenticity.

What does the domain information reveal about this website?

Dapemo.com registered on March 14, 2023, with a short lifespan that may raise concerns about its reliability.

Does it have authentic customer reviews?

There are no external reviews on popular platforms such as Trustpilot and ScamAdvisor, but an internal review system is in place.

Dapemo Reviews

To avoid getting scammed online, it’s important to be careful while navigating the internet. You can protect yourself by being aware and following intelligent practices. Here are some guidelines that will help you avoid scam websites.

  • Verify Website Information: Check website info before buying. Legit businesses are transparent.
  • Research Customer Reviews: Check online reviews for insights into website credibility.
  • Examine Contact Information: Check that contact information is genuine to avoid scams.
  • Assess Pricing Realism: Watch out for too-good-to-be-true prices on scam sites. Compare prices with trusted retailers to avoid getting scammed.
  • Check Social Media Presence: Verify social media presence for active customer engagement.
  • Verify Domain Details: Beware of scam websites with recent registrations and short life expectancies. Check WHOIS lookup tools for details.

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