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Jotyi Clothing Reviews – Explore the world of fashion with and discover their latest offerings! Jotyi Clothing is the perfect goal for women’s clothing online, where you can easily find trendy tops, casual dresses, cozy sweaters, stylish cardigans, two-piece sets, swimwear, and skirts for your vacation. Browse their vast collection to stay updated on the latest fashion trends. Get ready to transform your wardrobe with stylish and comfortable clothes from – start your fashion journey today!

Jotyi Clothing Reviews has been an online clothing store in the works for ten years. They make their clothes and work with appearing designers to offer various styles, from casual weekend wear to cozy sweat sets. They prioritize quality while keeping prices affordable, and they sell directly to consumers.

Ethical production is a top priority for Jotyi, and they support fair pay, workers’ rights, and environmentally friendly practices. They also donate some of their profits to nonprofits fighting poverty worldwide. Jotyi’s products are manufactured in South Carolina and swiftly shipped worldwide by a UK-based company. If you have any questions, please email

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  • Tops
  • Casual Dresses
  • Two Pieces Sets
  • Sweater & Cardigan
  • Vacation Dresses
  • Swimwear
  • Long Sleeve Tops
  • Blouses
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Printed Dresses
Jotyi Clothing Reviews
  • Lack of Owner Information: A website without clear information about its owners may appear untrustworthy. Customers need to know who runs the company; the absence of this information may raise doubts about the website’s credibility. Be careful when using such platforms.
  • No Contact Details: The website’s lack of contact information concerns reliability. Customers should be able to reach out to the company quickly. The absence of such basic details indicates dishonesty, so carefulness is advised when considering the website.
  • Unreal Physical Address: A fake physical address harms a website’s credibility. Our investigation found it was taken from a known scam site, reducing trust. A genuine physical address is vital for reliability. Exercise caution when making purchases on sites with false information.
  • Plagiarized Content and Images: The website copied text and pictures from another source, raising doubts about its credibility and potential scamming. Caution is advised when using such a platform, as it is unreliable.
  • Presence On Social Media: The company significantly differs in its Facebook and Instagram numbers. They have 39k likes and followers with numerous posts on Facebook, while on Instagram, they only have 11 followers and one post. So, this may raise suspicions of buying Facebook friends, making customers more careful on both platforms.
  • Average Trust Index: Scamdoc rates their website at 45%, indicating an average level of trust. Be cautious and do your research before making any decisions.
  • Authentic Email ID: seems genuine, but the website’s trustworthiness is questionable. Research and carefulness are advised before making purchases.
  • Domain Registration: was registered in August 2022, making it a new website. However, it will only be active until August 2024, causing customer concern. It’s important to be cautious before making any purchases, as this indicates that the website hasn’t been around for very long.

Positive customer reviews are crucial for establishing trust and safeguarding against scams, while negative reviews can harm a company’s reputation. Be cautious when using the website’s internal review system, as it may be designed to encourage purchases without providing a complete picture.

People have left 14 jotyi clothing reviews on external sites like Trustpilot, some positive and some negative. Negative comments have raised concerns about product quality and refund issues. In contrast, Scamadvisor only has one positive review. Customers must be careful when looking at feedback and consider positive and negative signals before making decisions.


  • SSL checks show the certificate is valid.
  • The website has a valid email ID.
  • This webpage is on Facebook and Instagram.


  • This website is relatively new.
  • The website has Scamdoc’s average trust index.
  • Content and images on this website are copied.
  • The physical address on this website is fake.

In conclusion, some issues make it seem untrustworthy. The owner’s information, contact details, and physical address are missing, making it harder to trust. The content appears to be plagiarized, and the social media presence is questionable. The Scamdoc trust index score is average, which adds to the concerns. 

Although the email address is valid, the domain’s short lifespan suggests it may not be around for long. Customers have submitted mixed reviews, including complaints about product quality and returns. To be safe, buyers should exercise caution and research thoroughly before purchasing from Jotyi Clothing.

Jotyi Clothing Reviews
Who owns it?

The website owners are not transparent, making it difficult to trust them.

Are there contact details available?

The website’s credibility is at risk without contact information for customers to quickly reach out.

Is the provided physical address legitimate?

The website loses credibility because its physical address leads to a scam website.

Is the content on the website original?

The website’s credibility and legitimacy are doubtful due to clear evidence of plagiarized content and images.

How active is Jotyi Clothing on social media?

Be cautious comparing Facebook and Instagram presence due to vastly different numbers.

What is the trust index score on Scamdoc?

Scamdoc rates the site at 45%, indicating possible concerns. Consider carefully before proceeding.

To stay safe while shopping online, it’s important to be cautious and follow some guidelines. Keep these tips in mind to protect yourself from potential scams:

  • Be Wary of Limited Contact Information: Check for a valid physical address and customer support contact info before buying from a website.
  • Verify Ownership Information: Choose transparent websites that disclose ownership information. Exercise caution if ownership details are unavailable.
  • Scrutinize Social Media Presence: Check social media consistency and engagement. Inactive accounts or follower discrepancies can harm credibility.
  • Check for Authentic Reviews: Use external review platforms like Trustpilot for balanced customer feedback. Internal website review systems may lack objectivity.
  • Investigate Domain Registration Details: Use WHOIS to check website registration info. The short lifespan of a new domain may mean trouble.
  • Verify Physical Address Authenticity: Check address validity. Unreal or copied addresses are warning signs. Trustworthy websites are transparent about their location.

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