Ruturo Clothing Reviews – Must Read This Before You Order Women Clothes

Do you want to learn about the latest fashion trends that provide style and comfort? Unsure if Ruturo Clothing can help you find your dream outfit? Visit to browse stylish women’s clothing, including trendy tops, T-shirts, outerwear, and dresses suitable for any occasion. Consider adding Ruturo’s range of mini, midi, and maxi dresses, long-sleeve and sweater dresses, casual dresses, two-piece sets, and seasonal clothes to your wardrobe. Discover the truth about the quality of Ruturo Clothing and the satisfaction of their customers by reading reviews.

Ruturo Clothing Reviews used to supply and manufacture clothes for the fashion industry before it began selling them online in 2019. Its production plants in Vietnam and the Philippines allow it to offer high-quality clothing at affordable prices. also supports independent designers and provides a fair marketplace for new talent to showcase their designs.

Designers and buyers can connect directly through, which offers the latest designs quickly and conveniently. The company operates socially responsibly, with eco-friendly practices and charitable donations to fight extreme poverty worldwide. Have questions? Reach out to or call +447482875871. Visit XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD at 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, UK, CB2 8DL to learn more.

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  • Missing Owner Information: lacks information about its owner, which raises questions about its legitimacy. Providing such details is crucial to establishing trust with customers. Without this information, buyers may doubt the website’s authenticity.
  • Invalid Contact Number:’s phone number seems to be copied from another site, making it difficult to trust the website’s legitimacy. Customers should exercise caution when considering a purchase from
  • Incorrect Physical Address: The physical address on a website is crucial, but the address listed on seems to be copied from a fake website. This raises concerns about the site’s reliability and credibility. It’s advisable to exercise caution when using
  • Plagiarized Content And Images: has copied material and images from other sites, making it suspicious. To avoid fraud, customers should be cautious and verify the website’s legitimacy before purchasing.
  • Very Low Trust Score: received a 1 out of 100 credit score for trustworthiness from Scam Advisor. This indicates that the site is not legitimate and has many red flags. Customers are advised to be cautious when considering using
  • Low Social Media Presence:’s limited social media presence raises doubts about its credibility. With only 772 Facebook likes and 828 friends, customers are not engaging with the website. This may suggest that some of its followers were obtained through questionable means. Customers should exercise caution before engaging with
  • Real Email ID: offers an email address, a sign of legitimacy. But it’s crucial to review all details before making purchases, even if the email address seems genuine.
  • Detail About Domain Registration: was registered on March 9, 2023, and expires on March 9, 2024, which raises concerns about its trustworthiness. Customers should be cautious while dealing with this website due to its short domain registration history, which may indicate a lack of credibility.

Reviews are crucial for companies to establish a positive reputation. has limited customer reviews, which may indicate an internal review system. This raises concerns about the authenticity of the Ruturo Clothing Reviews on their website. Customers should exercise caution before purchasing from Ruturo Clothing.

Ruturo Clothing has mixed Ruturo Clothing Reviews on external sources like ScamAdvisor and Trustpilot. While ScamAdvisor’s single review is negative, Trustpilot presents a more balanced average rating of 3.5 stars. This can cause concern regarding the website’s consistency and reliability, so customers should approach it with caution and a critical mindset.


  • The SSL certificate was valid.
  • Email addresses on this website are authentic.


  • Website registration is recent.
  • This website has a low Scam Advisor trust score.
  • The website uses an internal review system.
  • Website copied content and images.
  • Contact information and a physical address on this website are not legitimate.
  • Positive and bad external reviews exist for this website.

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To sum up, raises several red flags that cast doubt on its legitimacy and reliability. The absence of crucial owner information, a non-working phone number, and an incorrect address suggest potential issues. Additionally, plagiarized content and images and a low trust score on Scam Advisor further diminish people’s confidence in the website.

The website’s purpose is unclear as it lacks a substantial social media presence and relies on an internal review system. Additionally, the recent purchase of the domain name and mixed reviews on Trustpilot raise red flags. We highly encourage customers to exercise caution and carefully consider using

Is Ruturo Clothing a reliable online store?

Exercise caution with due to missing owner information, invalid contact number, and incorrect physical address.

Are the reviews on Ruturo Clothing’s website trustworthy?

The clothing reviews on the website may be biased due to their internal review system, which is a common tactic used by fraudulent sites. So, be cautious while relying on external reviews from platforms like Trustpilot, as they provide a mixed picture.

How recent is’s domain registration?’s domain was registered on March 9, 2023, and it will expire on March 9, 2024. Its short registration period raises concerns about its credibility.

Does Ruturo Clothing have a strong social media presence?’s limited social media presence, with only a Facebook page and few likes and followers, may affect its engagement and credibility.

Is the provided contact number on valid?

Exercise caution with the contact number listed on It may be fraudulent. Stay safe.

What is the overall trustworthiness of has red flags like plagiarized content, inconsistent reviews, and a 1 out of 100 trust score on Scam Advisor—approach cautiously.

Ruturo Clothing Reviews

To avoid falling victim to online scams or fraudulent websites, stay vigilant while shopping. Follow these guidelines to safeguard your online shopping experience.

  • Thoroughly Research the Website: Check website background before making purchases. Look for customer ratings & reviews on trusted platforms to gauge legitimacy.
  • Verify Contact Information: For legitimacy, verify the website’s contact information, including phone number and physical address.
  • Check for Owner Information: Transparent website ownership builds trust. Lack of transparency may be a red flag.
  • Review Social Media Presence: Check if the business is active on reputable social media platforms and has good engagement (followers, likes, regular posts).
  • Examine Domain Registration Details: Check domain registration details, including registration and expiration dates. The short lifespan of a recently registered domain may indicate unreliability.
  • Use Secure Payment Methods: It is important to prioritize the use of secure payment methods to ensure safe transactions, such as credit cards or reputable online platforms. Avoid sharing sensitive information on unsecured websites.

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