Soraya Shoes Reviews – Are They Sell Comfy Shoes Or Waste Of Money?

Do you want to find stylish and comfortable shoes on Do the reviews for Soraya Shoes prove that they deliver on their promises for your feet? Is as smart and supportive as it claims to be? They offer Orthopedic Women’s Sneakers, Orthopedic Walking Shoes for Women, Women’s Orthopedic Sandals, and Women’s Orthopedic Platform Sandals.

Find out if Soraya Shoes lives up to the hype and provides the perfect balance of foot health and fashion.

Soraya Shoes Reviews sells a variety of fashionable and comfortable orthopedic shoes for women, including Orthopedic Women’s Sneakers, Orthopedic Walking Shoes for Women, Women’s Orthopedic Sandals, and Women’s Orthopedic Platform Sandals. The brand strives to boost women’s confidence and cater to their busy lifestyles by providing stylish, comfortable orthopedic products.

At Soraya-shop, they focus on sustainability and strive to create trendy orthopedic sneakers that are good for both your feet and the planet. If you have any questions, please email them at They believe in open communication and value customer involvement as they work towards a more conscious and beautiful future.

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  • Lack Of Owner Information: The lack of basic ownership information, which makes potential buyers doubt their credibility and authority. This lack of transparency causes suspicion and loss of confidence in the site.
  • No Contact Number: Soraya-shop lacks contact information, making it difficult for customers to reach out and raising concerns about the site’s legitimacy. Be cautious before purchasing.
  • Physical Address Unavailable: The lack of physical address, company, and contact information, raises questions about its legitimacy. Buyers should exercise caution before purchasing from the Website.
  • Website Displays Few Goods: They have limited product display and lack of information about each product raises concerns about its credibility. Customers should exercise caution before purchasing since these traits are often associated with scam websites.
  • Unreasonable Prices And Discounts: Be cautious when considering purchasing from Their prices and discounts may seem too good to be true, indicating low-quality products. Do your research and think twice before making a decision.
  • Absence On Social Media: credibility is being questioned due to its lack of social media presence. Without an online presence, it’s difficult for customers to connect and provide feedback, making it important for potential buyers to exercise caution before purchasing.
  • Low Trust Score: It has a trust score of 1% on Scamdoc, indicating that it is not trustworthy. Potential customers must exercise caution while transacting on this Website.
  • Genuine Email Address: A genuine email contact,, is a positive sign, but careful research is necessary before purchasing.
  • Domain Registration: Soraya-shop domain was registered on August 24, 2023, and its domain will expire on August 24, 2024. Customers are advised to be cautious while dealing with the Website due to its short domain registration period, which may indicate its untrustworthiness or potential involvement in suspicious activities.
Soraya Shoes Reviews

Businesses should consider customer reviews to establish trust and enhance their reputation. use of an internal review system with Trustpilot customer feedback on their Website is viewed with suspicion, as Trustpilot lacks Soraya Shoes Reviews. This practice may raise concerns as it could be perceived as a way to attract new customers.

I researched on trusted websites like Trustpilot and Scamadvisor and found no Soraya Shoes Reviews available. This lack of activity on reliable review platforms is a warning sign that we should be cautious. Also, since there are no genuine Reviews on other sites, it becomes difficult to trust the feedback on their Website, which increases the risks of doing business with


  • An SSL certificate was identified as genuine.
  • A genuine email address is displayed on this website.


  • Recent registration of this website.
  • This Website lacks a social media presence.
  • The website lacks fundamental information such as the owner’s details, contact information, and physical address.
  • This website employs an internal review system.
  • Product displays on this website are restricted.
  • Discounts and prices on this website seem unreasonable.

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In easy words, we have serious doubts about the legitimacy and dependability of after conducting an in-depth study. The Website may be a scam if important details like the owner’s name, contact numbers, and physical address are missing. Additionally, the Website may display only a few products and offer prices that seem too good to be true.

Be cautious when considering purchases on It’s important to be cautious of websites with no social media presence, low trust score on Scamdoc, and few genuine reviews on reputable sites such as Trustpilot and Scamadvisor. Make sure to think twice before making any transactions on this Website.

Is a legitimate website for stylish and comfortable shoes? has red flags of legitimacy concerns, including inadequate information, low trust scores, and questionable business practices.

Why should customers be careful about customer reviews on the main website?

No credible reviews on Trustpilot and Scamadvisor raise doubts about the Website’s internal reviews on Trustpilot

Does provide sufficient contact information? lacks contact information, making it difficult for customers to seek assistance and raising doubts about its legitimacy.

Are the prices and discounts offered by reasonable?

Low prices and high discounts raise red flags for product quality and deceptive marketing tactics.

Does have a social media presence?’s lack of social media presence can impact its credibility. This makes it challenging for customers to interact and give feedback, which is crucial for legitimate businesses.

What does the short domain registration period of suggest? registration ends on August 24, 2024, raising suspicions about their long-term intentions.

Soraya Shoes Reviews

Stay alert to protect yourself from online scams. Use these tips to stay safe while shopping online and safeguard your personal information.

  • Research the Website: Check website details before buying. Legitimate businesses are transparent.
  • Verify Customer Reviews: Check reviews on trusted external platforms like Trustpilot, Google, or specialized review sites for reliable and authentic insights.
  • Check Domain Information: Check domain registration with WHOIS or similar. Short-lived/new domains may be scams. Watch for suspicious creation/expiry dates.
  • Verify Social Media Presence: Legit businesses active on social media; check official accounts to verify. No presence or low activity is a red flag.
  • Evaluate Pricing and Discounts: Beware of unrealistically low prices or discounts on websites, as they may indicate poor quality or deceptive practices.
  • Look for Secure Payment Options: Use secure payment options to protect sensitive information. Secure payment gateways enhance transaction safety.


  1. I purchased a pair of Soraya orthopaedic runners/shoes, only to find that the size I usually get was too small in their shoes. Not to mention they are absolutely NOT orthopaedic shoes at all, there is no support in the foot of the shoe. I wanted to return for a refund, but was told I had to return to the UK which would end up costing me almost more than the shoes themselves!! so have decided to donate them to charity. Such a disappointment and waste of my money and time. Will not be buying anything from Soraya again.

  2. Soraya shoes Australia. Avoid.
    No phone number, no physical address, contact page implies you can phone them. Website registered only on 2022. No ABN.
    Policy page states delivery in 5 to 7 business days. Aramax tracking page shows items apparently in Sydney for over two weeks.

  3. Lynette Smeesays:

    Bought shoes to small have sent numerous emails and messages no reply emails address has system error so annoying waste of money can’t ring them bloody scammers and shoes are not orthopaedic they feel cheap.

  4. Scammers
    Shoes are not orthotics
    Thin materials
    No contact details only email that works is through the shop app contact information. And they barely responded. Scammers

  5. *** Total Scam ***

    Shoes are all small size compared to the ‘number’ on the bottom:

    Ordered a 7 and got a 39, ordered 2 pairs of 9.5 and got one pair 40 and one pair 41 – and none of them fit my sister who is a 38 – her toes press against front of all the shoes regardless of size – so I clearly have zero hope!

    No reply from ‘hello’ or ‘contact’ emails – although there is a PO box in Sydney for the return of the shoes, I haven’t had any luck getting a response for the financial refund.

    I have been emailing daily for 2 weeks to return them for a ‘full refund’ as promised on the website via website, reply to emails and via the Shop app.

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