Sikhiarts Reviews – All You Need To Know Before Order Any Products

Are you interested in Sikhiarts and thinking of buying something? Do you want to know if Sikhiarts Reviews genuinely reflect the experience of shopping on their website? Explore the world of stylish fashion at, where you can find various modern items for both men and women, such as baseball jerseys, bomber jackets, and colorful Hawaiian shirts. And that’s not all; they also have a collection of soulful sneakers to match your fashion-forward lifestyle. could become your go-to for stylish clothing.

Sikhiarts Reviews is a popular online store based in Frewsburg, NY 14738. They have a physical store in the USA and sell various products, including baseball jerseys, bomber jackets, Hawaiian shirts, and sneakers.

The company values customer satisfaction and desires a welcoming work environment while highlighting corporate responsibility. If you have any questions or concerns, contact or call +1(302) 261-9553. 

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  • Absence of Owner Details: The lack of transparency regarding its owners can raise doubts about its credibility. Online platforms should always share owner details to build trust. Be cautious when considering purchasing from a website that provides less important information.
  • Doubtful Contact Number: Website authenticity is unlikely due to a questionable contact number. Another website has the same number, indicating possible copying. The lack of unique and accurate contact information makes the website untrustworthy. Potential customers should exercise carefulness when dealing with them.
  • Actual Physical Address: They have provided a physical address, which is a positive step towards transparency. However, customers should remain alert due to other negative signs. Exercise caution when assessing the credibility of this website.
  • Duplicated Content and Images: They have copied content and images from another website, indicating a potential scam. Be careful if considering purchases. Verify authenticity before transactions.
  • Unreasonable Discounts and Prices: Their legitimacy is questionable due to their low prices and high discounts, typical of scam websites. Customers should be careful and consider the website’s trustworthiness before making purchases.
  • No Presence on Social Media: The lack of social media presence limits customer interaction and may raise doubts about authenticity and transparency. Customers should consider the website’s reliability before making transactions.
  • Average Trust Index: This website has a 68% trust index on Scamdoc, raising concerns about its reliability. We advise customers to exercise care and carefully consider any purchases they make on the platform, considering the potential risks associated with the trust index provided.
  • Authentic Email Address: An actual email address on a website is a good sign of trustworthiness and professionalism. However, it’s still important to be careful and look for other warning signs to ensure is a reliable website before making purchases.
  • Domain Detail: According to the WHOIS website, the domain was registered on February 3, 2012, which means it has been around for a while and has established trust. However, potential buyers should consider the positive and negative aspects before making any purchase decisions, even though the domain will expire on February 3, 2024.
Sikhiarts Reviews

Customer reviews are important for determining trust and satisfaction levels when purchasing. They act as a protection against potential scams. Upon inspection of, it is clear that the website engages customers through an internal review system. However, using an internal system raises concerns about the objectivity and authenticity of the reviews.

Prominent review platforms like Trustpilot and Trustedreviews don’t have many reviews, so there isn’t much external validation.

Although there are some good things to consider, the fact that there are only internal reviews and no external ones means you should be careful and think twice before making any purchases.


  • The SSL check indicates that the certificate is legitimate.
  • This website has an actual email address.
  • The domain of this website is quite old.
  • This website has a genuine physical address.


  • An internal review system is used on this website.
  • On Scamdoc, this website’s trust index is average.
  • Images and content on this website are duplicates.
  • This website’s phone number is doubtful.

In conclusion, the website has some positive aspects, such as a genuine physical address, an authentic email contact, and an aged domain. However, it also raises some red flags, like the absence of owner details, a doubtful contact number, duplicated content, and suspiciously high discounts. The lack of Sikhiarts Reviews and social media presence further doubt the website’s credibility.

While the trust index offers a moderate score, we advise potential buyers to exercise carefulness. Therefore, before engaging with them, it is necessary to carefully consider both positive and negative indicators and evaluate them thoroughly before purchasing.

Sikhiarts Reviews
Is it a legitimate online shopping destination?

Their legitimacy could be better due to a lack of owner details, uncertain contact numbers, and duplicated content.

Does the website provide genuine customer reviews?

Their review system lacks external validation, raising concerns about its objectivity and authenticity.

Are the prices and discounts on the website reasonable?

Be careful when using this website due to its unusually low prices and high discounts, which are common features of scam websites.

What is the trust index of this website on Scamdoc? may not be reliable, as its trust index is only 68%. Shoppers should be cautious before making any purchases.

Does this website have a presence on social media?

The lack of social media presence raises doubts about its legitimacy and transparency.

What is the significance of its domain details?

It has been online since 2012. Consider both positive and negative indicators before making a purchase decision.

To have a safe and enjoyable online shopping experience, follow these simple tips and protect yourself from scams.

  • Verify Website Credibility: Check the website’s legitimacy by verifying owner details, physical address, and contact number.
  • Scrutinize Customer Reviews: Check external reviews on trustworthy platforms like Trustpilot. Be cautious of sites with only internal reviews or no customer feedback.
  • Evaluate Pricing Realism: Watch out for prices on websites that are too good to be true. Compare with established retailers for a benchmark.
  • Check Social Media Presence: Be cautious of businesses without social media presence – this may indicate a lack of transparency.
  • Examine Domain Details: Assess domain details for credibility, including registration and expiration dates. Assess domain details, including age and credibility.
  • Verify Secure Payment Options: Use secure payment methods and reputable sites that offer well-known payment gateways.

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