Wizlig com Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Online Store Or A Scam?

If you’re looking for affordable and stylish spoons to enhance your meals, you might want to check out Wizlig.com. Their online store offers many utensils, including wooden rice spoons, coffee spoons, stainless steel spoon forks, small gold and silver spoons, and even gold salad spoons. You can also find various dinnerware sets with spoons, knives, and forks. Let’s discover what sets Wizlig.com apart. Do their products live up to their claims and offer the best value? We’ll explore Wizlig com Reviews to uncover the truth about these essential kitchen items. Can Wizlig.com truly revolutionize your dining experience? Let’s find out together.

Wizlig com Reviews

Wizlig.com provides a wide range of stylish and high-quality spoons at affordable prices. Their spoon collection includes traditional wooden and stainless steel spoons and unique styles like gold salad and Japanese-style dessert spoons. They are dedicated to not only creating great products but also ensuring that you have a fantastic shopping experience.

Their customer service team ensures that your trip is smooth, and they are always ready to answer any questions. If you need more help, please email service@wizlig.com.Wizlig.com is an excellent place to dine as they combine high quality with affordable prices.

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  • Lack Of Owner Details: They missing owner details raise concerns about the website’s reliability and transparency. It’s important to exercise caution before doing business on such a platform.
  • Absence of Contact Number: A company’s reliability can be boosted by providing accessible contact info. Wizlig.com’s lack of a phone number raises concerns about legitimacy. Customers should be cautious when encountering communication gaps.
  • No Physical Address Given: A physical address can increase a customer’s trust in a business. The absence of an address on a website raises suspicion and suggests a possible scam. Customers should evaluate a website’s trustworthiness before making any purchases.
  • Limited Products On Website: Be careful of Wizlig, which lacks product display and information. Legitimate businesses showcase a wide range of products, making it important to exercise caution before purchasing.
  • No Presence On Social Media: Wizlig.com needs a presence to build trust and interact with customers. The absence of social media activity raises doubts about authenticity, so be cautious when buying from a seller without a social media presence.
  • Very Bad Trust Index: It has a trust score of only 1% on Scamdoc, indicating its unreliability. Caution is advised when dealing with this website due to the low trust index, which raises concerns about its legitimacy.
  • Genuine Email ID: Beware of the email service@wizlig.com from Wizlig.com. The website lacks crucial information and has a low trust score on Scamdoc. Don’t rely only on one positive aspect before making a purchase.
  • Concerning domain registration: The website wizlig.com was registered recently on June 21, 2023. As it’s new and the domain will only last until June 21, 2024, customers should approach the site cautiously due to possible risks associated with its short lifespan and recent registration.
Wizlig com Reviews

Reading customer reviews is crucial for choosing good products and avoiding scams. It is difficult to determine the quality of Wizlig.com’s products and customer satisfaction due to the lack of customer reviews. This absence of Wizlig com Reviews casts doubt on the legitimacy and credibility of the website.

Looking at popular review sites such as Trustpilot and TripAdvisor strengthens the concerns raised by the lack of Wizlig com Reviews on official website. Multiple platforms consistently lacking reviews raise red flags that indicate a possible scam. It is important to be cautious and consider doing business with Wizlig.com, especially after reading negative customer feedback on Trustpilot and Scamadvisor. These reviews serve as a warning to potential customers.

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  • This SSL certificate works.
  • This website has an accurate email address.


  • This website is newly registered.
  • This website has no presence on social media.
  • This website has a low trust index on Scamdoc.
  • This website does not give essential information like owner details, contact number, and physical address.
  • No customer reviews on this website.
  • This website displays limited products.

Possible customers should carefully consider several red flags raised by Wizlig.com. It becomes harder to trust and believe when important facts like the owner’s name, a phone number, and a physical address are missing. The website’s lack of products and social media inactivity increases concerns about its trustworthiness.

Be cautious when using Wizlig.com, as the site has a shockingly low trust rating of 1% on Scamdoc and was recently registered for only a short time. Additionally, there are no reviews of Wizlig.com available on either the website itself or on reputable sites like Trustpilot. Consider the potential risks carefully before using this service.

Wizlig com Reviews
Is Wizlig.com a trustworthy online store?

Wizlig.com’s reliability is questionable due to the lack of owner details, contact number, and physical address.

Why is the lack of owner details significant?

Not providing owner details reduces customer trust because it keeps them in the dark about the company’s presence and management.

Does Wizlig.com provide a contact number?

No contact number on Wizlig.com’s website raises doubts about its trustworthiness, as direct communication is essential for trust.

Is there a physical address listed on Wizlig.com?

A physical address boosts trust because it shows transparency and openness. Without one, trust is diminished.

Does Wizlig.com have an active social media presence?

Social media presence builds trust for a website, so having active profiles is important.

What is the trust index value of Wizlig.com on Scamdoc?

Wizlig.com’s trust index value is only 1%, so customers should exercise extreme caution when dealing with the website, according to Scamdoc.

To avoid online shopping scams, take these six proactive steps to make informed choices and steer clear of fraudulent websites.

  • Thorough Research: Research the website before making online purchases. Look for precise owner details, contact info, and a physical address for transparency and legitimacy.
  • Review Platforms: Use Trustpilot and Scamadvisor to check website trustworthiness. Customer reviews offer valuable insights.
  • Transparency Matters: Beware websites without owner details, contact numbers, or physical addresses. Legit businesses are transparent about their identity and location.
  • Low Trust Index Warning: Watch out for sites with low trust index, especially on Scamdoc. 1% trust index or similar values are red flags for legitimacy.
  • Social Media Presence: Check the site’s social media presence. Genuine businesses engage with customers on social networks. No fact may mean unreliability.
  • Domain Registration Check: Watch out for new, short-lived domains. Scammers use them for fraud. Check registration details to verify credibility.


  1. This company has scammed me out of $27.97. I thought I was buying a mini warmer heater. They claimed to be a USA based company. It truly was my fault for ordering off of a Facebook ad that I can’t even find anymore.

  2. I was scammed out of $39 for 2 kinetic heaters that don’t work. They only spin in direct sunlight, what’s the point of that if my car is frozen, the sun will warm it. I feel dumb for buying this crap and they now are not responding to my emails. Do not buy anything from this site!

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