Fashion Holla Reviews – Are They Sell Fashionable Women’s Clothes or a Scam?

Are you wondering where you can find genuine reviews of that genuinely reflect the online shopping experience? Looking for honest clothing reviews? Fashion Holla Reviews is your go-to source for all occasions.

Believe the advice of those who have explored the Halloween and Christmas collections and various design categories such as Winter, Fall, Dark Style, Western Style, and Vintage Style. Consider the different tie-dye styles you can bring on your next girls’ trip, summer vacation, or spring outfit update. Discover the latest earrings, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, and jewelry at Fashion Holla Reviews, and embark on a fashion journey that suits your style!

Fashion Holla Reviews sells a diverse range of women’s clothing, jewelry, and shoes, including tops, pants, dresses, and unique styles for Christmas, Halloween, winter, fall, dark, western, vintage, and tie-dye.

Fashionholla envisions building a fashion-themed park that emphasizes values and encourages people to be bold, dream big, and make their mark on the global fashion scene. Fashionholla’s physical location is at RM1402, 14/F BLDG D, Wanda Plaza, Hangxing Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. To contact Fashionholla, you can email or call +86 13306810786.

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  • Absence of Owner Details:’s lack of owner details may affect its reliability and trustworthiness. Customers should be cautious when dealing with platforms that don’t provide the necessary ownership information.
  • Unauthorized Contact Number: Including a contact number is crucial for communication with customers and resolving issues promptly. However,’s contact number is associated with several other websites, which raises doubts about its authenticity, diminishing confidence in its legitimacy.
  • Invalid Physical Address: Customers need a valid physical address to find a business quickly, confirm its legitimacy, and trust it. However, the address on’s website is used by many other websites, indicating potential fraudulent activity. We strongly advise customers to exercise caution before buying from such a website.
  • Plagiarized Content And Images: is suspected of plagiarism due to copied content and images from other websites with identical contact information. Customers should be cautious and think twice before purchasing on such a platform.
  • Unreasonable Discounts and Prices: Be cautious of suspiciously low prices on shopping websites like Scammers use these tactics to lure customers in with offers too good to be true. Always double-check the legitimacy of the website and prices before making a purchase.
  • Social Media Presence:’s social media presence seems questionable, with minimal posts despite having 2.4k likes and followers on Facebook and 2694 followers on Instagram. It is recommended to verify the followers’ legitimacy and engagement before purchasing. Please exercise caution.
  • Low trust Score: was given a low trust score of 55 out of 100 by Scamadvisor. Potential customers should be cautious and carefully evaluate the platform before purchasing. Always be careful when doing online transactions.
  • Valid Email Address: A valid email address like on a website is a good sign of accessibility, but it’s not a guarantee of trustworthiness. Customers need to evaluate the platform’s credibility before making any purchases.
  • Domain Information: was registered on Sept 23, 2019, and expires on the same date in 2024. Consider a domain’s age and expiration date when making purchases to make an informed decision about the platform’s trustworthiness.
Fashion Holla Reviews

Customer reviews are critical as they help establish trust and guarantee customer satisfaction. When shopping online, reviews can provide valuable insight into a website’s reliability. I was surprised that has no Fashion Holla Reviews on their products. This lack of feedback raises concerns, and potential buyers should exercise caution and carefully consider their options before purchasing on a website without Fashion Holla Reviews.

Most of the 43 Fashion Holla reviews on Trustpilot were negative and reported problems like undelivered products, resulting in a low rating 2.1. Customers should cautiously approach decisions due to this negative feedback on an external site. It’s recommended that customers reconsider their trust in based on the numerous negative Fashionholla reviews.


  • SSL check confirms certificate validity.
  • This website has a valid Email Address.
  • This website is old.


  • This website has a low trust score on Scamadvisor.
  • Many Negative reviews were found on Trustpilot.
  • This website has plagiarized content and images.
  • This website has an invalid contact number and physical address.

Top Rated Amazon Products legitimacy and trustworthiness are questionable due to various red flags. While it has a valid email address and an older domain name, there are concerns about the lack of owner details, an unauthorized phone number, an incorrect physical address, copied content, unrealistically low prices, and a low trust score on Scamadvisor. These issues raise serious doubts about the website’s reliability.

The website has very few customer reviews, and most of the reviews on Trustpilot are negative. This makes people less likely to trust the company. We highly encourage customers to exercise caution when purchasing on and consider the advantages and disadvantages before deciding.

Is a trustworthy website?

The absence of owner details, an unauthorized contact number, and a low trust score on Scamadvisor raise doubts.

How’s the social media presence of

There are concerns about potential follower purchases because there are few posts despite having followers.

Are the prices on reasonable?

Beware of websites with suspiciously low prices and discounts, as they may be scams.

What’s the feedback from customers on

Exercise caution when buying, as on-site reviews are unavailable, and Trustpilot reviews are negative.

 Does use original content and images?

We did not observe any clear signs of plagiarism, which suggests that there may not be any fraudulent activities taking place.

How’s’s domain information?

Customers are advised to weigh both positive and negative aspects before purchasing from an older domain registered on 2019-09-23.

Fashion Holla Reviews

To have a safe and enjoyable online shopping experience, you should follow these simple guidelines for protecting against scams.

  • Verify Ownership Information: Verify ownership details on a website before purchasing. Legitimate stores provide clear information about owners.
  • Cross-Check Contact Information: Check contact details for uniqueness to avoid fraud.
  • Examine Physical Address Authenticity: Check the website’s physical address on Google Maps for credibility.
  • Evaluate Customer Reviews: Use Trustpilot for unbiased customer reviews. Be cautious if there are no on-site reviews or mostly negative feedback.
  • Scrutinize Pricing and Discounts: Beware of scam websites with unrealistically low prices. Verify deals before spending money.
  • Check Social Media Engagement: Evaluate social media presence for genuine engagement and suspicious patterns.

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