Divalife Reviews – Think Twice Before You Order Women Clothes

Are you curious about Divalife Reviews? Dive into the world of fashion at Divalifeus.com. Have you explored our exquisite collection of dresses? They have tailored them to suit every occasion. They have everything from glamorous formal dresses to trendy party dresses cocktail dresses to chic club and bodycon dresses.

Do the reviews truly represent their clothing line? Explore the latest styles, including long-sleeved ball gowns, short and mini dresses, and elegant maxi dresses. Are you prepared to make a statement at your next event with occasion-specific dresses like prom, graduation, wedding guest, or homecoming dresses? Discover your perfect outfit at Divalife and share your thoughts in Divalife Reviews!

Divalife Reviews

Lin Qing Zhen, a native of Putian, founded Divalifeus.com in 2018. The brand focuses on providing fast fashion for women and is more than just a label. Divalife is committed to empowering women through style. The brand made its e-commerce debut in 2021 and has expanded globally.

Divalife creates beautiful pieces that embody the spirit of modern women who value tradition and innovation. They aspire to become a global fashion leader and invite you to join them on their journey towards timeless elegance. You can reach them at info@divalifeus.com or +86 13646013594, or visit their location at No. 888, Liyuan North Road, Licheng qu, Putian, Fujian, 351130, China.

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  • Formal Dresses
  • Party Dresses
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • Summer Dresses
  • Casual Dresses
  • Midi Dresses
  • Skater Dresses
  • Prom Dresses
  • Graduation Dresses
  • Missing Owner Detail: Divalifeus.com’s lack of ownership information may discourage permanent customers from trusting the online retailer. Providing comprehensive details about the owner can help establish transparency and build customer confidence.
  • Genuine Contact Number: Having an actual phone number like +86 13646013594 on Divalifeus.com can increase customer trust and facilitate prompt issue resolution. However, customers need to exercise caution and think carefully before purchasing.
  • Actual Physical Address: Divalifeus.com earns credibility by providing a real address for direct customer contact and visits at No. 888, Liyuan North Road, Licheng qu, Putian, Fujian, China.
  • Active Involvement on Social Media: Divalifeus.com has built a notable online following by engaging with customers through Facebook and Instagram. They have 4.7k likes and 4.8k followers on Facebook and 6038 followers on Instagram. This social media involvement speaks to their credibility and customer-centric approach.
  • Good Trust Score: Divalifeus.com has a trust score of 73 out of 100 by Scamadvisor, indicating reliability. Nevertheless, customers should exercise caution before purchasing to ensure they genuinely need and desire the item.
  • Real Email Address: Divalifeus.com seems trustworthy as they provide an accurate email address, info@divalifeus.com, indicating transparency and professional communication. This adds another layer of assurance, making it clear that Divalifeus.com is a reliable online platform.
  • Domain Registration: Divalifeus.com was registered as an older domain on Oct. 18, 2021, which is a good sign of reliability. However, the domain will expire on Oct. 18, 2024. It’s still wise to carefully consider purchase decisions.
Divalife Reviews

To assess a company’s reputation and establish trust, looking at customer reviews is essential. Unfortunately, Divalifeus.com doesn’t provide any customer reviews on their website, which could cause concern.

This lack of Divalife Reviews is a negative sign and should prompt potential buyers to consider their purchasing decisions carefully.

Trustpilot shows mixed reviews, with a 2.8-star rating based on 3 reviews. Customers mainly express dissatisfaction with delivery issues, highlighting the importance of carefully examining Divalife Reviews for detailed insights. Scamadvisor’s single negative review also emphasizes the need for caution when making purchases.

Although there are positive aspects, like an active online presence and an old domain, buyers should pay attention to negative signals and make informed decisions while keeping positive and negative indicators in mind.


  • We discovered a legitimate SSL certificate.
  • This website is quite old.
  • This website has an actual email address.
  • This website has a high level of trust.
  • This website is active on social media.


  • This website has received unfavorable feedback on Trustpilot and Scamadvisor.

Overall, Divalifeus.com has some positive aspects, such as having an actual phone number, a physical address, and an active social media presence. Its high trust score on Scamadvisor is commendable and adds to its credibility.

However, concerns are raised due to the lack of information about the owner and the questionable customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Scamadvisor.

Approach potential purchases on Divalifeus.com cautiously and carefully consider both positive and negative indicators.

Exercise diligence and thoughtful consideration to make a confident and informed decision, as the domain’s older registration date is a positive sign.

Does Divalifeus.com provide customer reviews on its website?

Divalifeus.com does not have customer reviews on its site, which indicates a possible issue.

Is the provided contact number on Divalifeus.com genuine?

Including +86 13646013594 is a good sign that the legitimacy is positive

Does Divalifeus.com offer an actual physical address?

The address No. 888 on Liyuan North Road in Licheng qu, Putian, Fujian, China, shows transparency.

How is Divalifeus.com’s presence on social media?

Divalifeus.com actively and engagingly uses Facebook and Instagram.

What is the trust score of Divalifeus.com on Scamadvisor?

Scamadvisor rates Divalifeus.com with a trustworthy score of 73 out of 100.

Does Divalifeus.com have customer reviews on external platforms?

Delivery issues are a concern highlighted in external reviews on Trustpilot. Potential buyers are urged to look to Reviews for comprehensive insights.

Divalife Reviews

To stay safe while shopping online, it’s important to be cautious and avoid potential scams. Scammers may try to steal your personal information or access your finances through fake websites. Follow these guidelines to protect yourself:

  • Be Informed: Research websites before purchasing. Check reviews, social media, and contact info. Beware of suspicious details or lack of reviews.
  • Verify Contact Information: Legit websites have precise contact info. Avoid incomplete or missing details.
  • Check for Secure Payment Methods: Choose online stores with secure payment options. Avoid sites with unconventional payment methods or lacking secure transaction protocols.
  • Scrutinize Domain Details: Use WHOIS lookup to check a website’s domain details and be cautious of new or short-lived domains.
  • Look for Privacy Policies and Terms: Protect your data. Check for clear privacy policies and avoid websites without them.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Stay alert when shopping online. Scammers use tempting offers to trick people, so trust your instincts and avoid purchasing if you have doubts.

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